Are you an employer or policymaker interested in transforming the landscape for midlife women in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough region?

Assist us to expand and support our community
of midlife women

We are dedicated to eliminating the obstacles that hinder midlife women from entering or re-entering the workforce.
Through personalised support, we address the unique challenges faced and offer tailored solutions such as training, coaching, mentorship, digital credentials, group learning initiatives, events, and more.
Through your CSR / ESG, you enable us to remove barriers and empower midlife women into becoming a resilient and promising workforce.

Join as a Midlife360 CIC employer member

Become part of our employer network to proactively connect with our community of midlife women.
Here you can continuously showcase your organisational culture, future job roles, highlight the transferrable skills you value, provide open days, bespoke digital badges, work placements and more.
This can significantly expand your talent pool for future recruitment endeavours.

Consulting Services

Our team collaborates with employers to offer insightful consultancy and drive transformative change.
Drawing from specific data gleaned from our community, we possess valuable insights into what motivates midlife women to enter or re-enter the workforce. Whether augmenting your existing HR, Inclusion & Diversity Teams or serving as your external consultants, we provide tailored solutions. Our approach spans from refining recruitment marketing strategies to implementing policies addressing menopause in the workplace. When necessary, we leverage consultancy with our partner organisations such as The Centre for Ageing Better, Working Families, and The Living Wage Foundation.

Project-Based Initiatives

Our projects target specific challenges within communities, aiming to elevate and re-engage midlife women with the workforce. Tailored to unique stakeholder needs, such initiatives include connecting with emerging housing developments, disseminating recruitment messages for new establishments, or addressing high unemployment in certain sectors.

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Workers aged 50+ are currently the least likely to receive off the job training, impacting their ability to keep up to date with new skills


If the UK were to return to levels of labour market participation among 55-64 year olds seen before the pandemic, this would increase UK GDP by £6.6bn a year


The gender pay gap is largest for women in their 50’s

*The Centre for Ageing Better