Building a world where midlife woman have the confidence, skills & ability to thrive within age positive work cultures

Midlife360 CIC is a new grassroots social enterprise supporting midlife women in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

We represent a community of midlife women, empowering them with the confidence, skills and ability needed to thrive in age positive work cultures.

We take pride in our certification as a social enterprise and measure our impact through the women we support - fostering connections, growth and a sense of belonging.

Midlife360 CIC also benefits employers and the economy by creating fresh talent pools that were previously inaccessible; a formidable group of midlife women with robust work ethics, sought-after transferable skills, and invaluable life experience.

These diverse, often underestimated women can significantly contribute to the economy and the broader fabric of our society.

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people  aged 50-64 who aspire to work are currently out of employment*


is the most reported form of workplace discrimination*

1 in 3

people aged over 50 believe they have been turned down for a job because of their age*

*The Centre for Ageing Better